About YorPower - Corporate Profile Formed in 1989, YorPower has grown to be one of the most recognised and successful suppliers of diesel generators in the UK today. Our growth has been thanks to a simple approach - providing rapid and comprehensive customer service, whatever the requirement and wherever in the world it may be. Around half our annual turnover is exported, and we have supplied customers in over 60 countries to date.

The company has 9 divisions

YorPower Manufacture of Generators

  • We build Perkins Diesel generators from 10kVA up to 2200kVa here in the UK
  • We offer a range of Volvo based Diesel generators also built in the UK from 200kVa up to 635kVA

YorPower Industrial Generators Division

  • Diesel generator supply from 10 to 3375kVA
  • Open or acoustically enclosed generators
  • Full installation design & project management service for major installations
  • Supply of all peripheral equipment and accessories
  • Complementary products including ATS, Start on Demand and Remote Monitoring devices

YorPower Domestic Generators Division

  • Any size from 3.5kVA up to 60KVA
  • Advice on sizing and full installation available
  • Integration with other equipment such as inverters, wind generators, solar panels and start on demand

Yorpower Control Systems Division

  • Control panels and systems for generators
  • Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Synchronise panels, G59 Relay protection

YorPower Spare Parts and Components Division

  • Fast moving parts available off-the-shelf
  • 24/7 delivery both for Export and UK markets
  • All major manufacturers supported with OEM guaranteed

YorPower Refurbishment Division

  • Complete reconditioning of used generators, including load testing
  • Major models and manufacturers, including FG Wilson, Cummins and Powerlink UK
  • Generators sourced with maintenance history and very low hours

YorPower Service & Repair Division

  • Diesel generator maintenance, repair and spare parts supply
  • Any model and manufacturer
  • 24 hour call-out service available
  • Immediate parts availability from stock
  • Remote monitoring service
  • Specialist Fire pump service and repair

YorPower CKD (Complete Knock Down) and SKD (Semi Knock Down)

  • We are able to ship partly built generators (SKD) for customers with local assembly capability.
  • CKD - Engines, alternators, base frame and Control Panels can be shipped in packages for Export to save on Import Duty and local Tariffs.
  • Integrity of OEM guaranteed

YorPower Hire Division

  • Hire of Generators from 10 - 1000kVA for hire
  • Load banks up to 1MW for hire and in combination. Off site facility available
  • Plant operation & maintenance service

Customer Service

Our customer service team will provide advice on each of our customer's specific requirements. We also arrange all freight, shipping and insurance as necessary for our customers, all over the world.
Whether your application is domestic or industrial, base-load or standby, UK or overseas, Yorpower can meet your requirements.
Power your world with YorPower…