Scania engines are ideal for power generation in prime or standby applications, are extremely efficient and have very low operating costs.

YorPower can offer a range of engines providing power from 250kVA and covering requirements right up to 700 kVA for stand-by. As well as the obvious features of Scania engines (power, performance and durability) one of the really big plus points is their engines compact dimensions make them easy to fit into tight spaces a huge advantage when installing in a plant room and an even bigger advantage for mobile units.

Scania engines have been designed and developed with the ability to handle large single step-load demands, with short recovery times. Where the demands on coping with step-load situations are highest, Scania engines featuring EMS (Engine Management System) offer superb control, with both speed and load ramp functions.

High load variations are handled effectively, and despite the increase in output throughout the engine range, exhaust emissions have been kept to a minimum.

YorPower Generators powered by Scania engines are 100% Biofuel compatible

Scania engines will run on 100% biodiesel according to EN14214.

Taken from the Scania website

Scania is continually developing technology that uses alternatives to diesel fuel. And while their viability and development status may vary, our commitment to finding substitutes for fossil fuels doesnt. Scania believes biofuels will make an increasing contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. They can be gradually phased in some mixed with diesel and some standing on their own merits. And the transition can start right away there is no reason to wait!

An important prerequisite for sustainability is that the biofuel is produced in a sustainable way. A certification procedure for biofuels is being developed within the European Union.

For more information on Scania Generators that are 100% biofuel compatible, please feel free to contact us; we would be delighted to help.