Diesel Generator alternatives

At YorPower we are aware of the very real environmental issues faced by the world today. We are therefore keen to offer innovative and technology based solutions to ensure where possible our products have minimal environmental impact

It is for this reason we ensure our standard range of generators comply with the challenging emissions and fuel economy criteria set by the European Union and United States of America; it is also why we continue to introduce new products to our range that can reduce the impact on the environment. These include:

100% Biofuel generators. As one of the first diesel generator ranges in the world to be 100% bio-diesel enabled, our Scania range of generators (250-625kVA) sets new standards in environmental friendliness. Operating on biofuel reduces the carbon footprint of the machines to almost zero. Furthermore, the capital cost of the generators is competitive with comparable standard-diesel generators.

We are also able to offer Cummins engines which can operate on 100% bio-diesel, in a range of sizes. Details are available on request. Call 01977 688155 or email

100% Biofuel Ready!

Fuel Cells. Fuel cells are still in their early years of economic development, but there are now several products available which can deliver 1-5kW of completely clean energy. Our fuel cell range of automatic and remote battery chargers delivers power for applications in remote areas and on-board boats and ships. The only by-product is water! Please contact us for more information Fuel cells page.

Fuel Cell UPS.