Used Generators Information

Every Used or Reconditioned YorPower generator set follows a four stage process prior to sale as described below.


The first step in ensuring refurbished generators will meet customer expectations is to select good quality equipment. We therefore review an engine’s history and maintenance regime before we purchase or accept it as part exchange. Typically we only accept machines with a demonstrable maintenance history and low hours use.

Initial Load Test

Using calibrated load banks we test engines at our factory to ensure each machine is load tested up to 100% capacity. This helps our engineers to diagnose any potential shortfalls with the generator and performance of the engine.

Repairs & Upgrade

After the initial load testing results, any necessary rectification work is performed to ensure reliable operation before selling. Units may also be modified and upgraded to meet specific customer requirements. This typically includes adding modern control systems, remote start and acoustic enclosures. Consumables such as filters, belts and hoses are also replaced at this stage.

Final Load Test

The units are tested on load for a minimum of one hour and with staged loads up to 100%. During test, both the engine and alternator are monitored for speed and voltage characteristics to ensure the pre-requisite demands are met. A test certificate is produced.

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