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Summer 2010 Over the last 6 months we have noticed a significant increase in demand for small generators in the UK. People in rural and remote areas are dismayed by the frequent and prolonged power outages that may occur 3 -6 times a year, and can last for as long as 24 hours at a stretch. We have many ‘off the shelf’ solutions for domestic customers or for farm environments, ranging from the very basic to a fully automated back up power supply that will start up as soon as there is a mains power cut. See our current stock list for details or go to the YorPower Domestic Generator section for more information. Customers who have already purchased domestic generators are happy to provide references for anyone thinking of buying a generator for home use.

On the commercial and industrial generator front, despite the UK economy slowdown over the last 18 months, our export customers and agents in Africa, The Middle East and the Far East have kept us on our toes. We supplied a 500kVA Perkins Canopied Generator to a relief operation in Ethiopia in May, a selection of Perkins based Diesel Generators, 25 in all to Liberia, 3 large Volvo based generators to Vietnam and despatched a whole host of parts as far afield as Australia!

In the UK we recently supplied a 600kVA Volvo canopied generator, complete with separate bunded fuel tank, controls and network support, to a well known Sky TV Shopping Channel.

Finally, in July we completed the design and build of a Remote Monitoring device which can be fitted to all our generators when the client requires full access to all alarms and faults directly from a desktop PC in the office!

For more information on any of the above feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help.

15/05/2009 : MOBILE GENERATORS FOR SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL. YorPower has been awarded the contract to supply mobile generators for Sheffield City Council. The sets will be mounted on purpose-designed trailers owing to specific access restraints.


YorPower announces the award of a 12 month contract to support generators at 17 sites on behalf of the Police force.


GHANA AWARD. YorPower has been awarded a contract to supply domestic generators and spare parts to a client in Accra. It follows a similar award in 2008.


YORPOWER TO SUPPLY GOLDEN TULIP INN. Yorpower has been awarded the contract to supply and install a generator for Golden Tulip Inn in Hull. The generator will supply standby power for essential services.


YORPOWER TO REPRESENT WUERZ ENERGY. Yorpower has been appointed as a UK agent for German Manufacturer Wuerz Energy. Wuerz offer a specialist range of products in Combined Heat and Power and also bio-fuels.

Their CHP generators offer greater than 85% thermal efficieny, and are ideal for applications where Customers are seeking to reduce their heating bills whilst providing an independent electiricty source.

Their bio-fuel generators can operate on 100% bio-fuel, ensuring they are carbon neutral.


GENERATOR PROJECT FOR ENVIRONMENT AGENCY. YorPower has been awarded the contract to supply a containerised 150kVA generator for a pumping station upgrade in Dartmouth. The contract is turnkey with full installation by YorPower.


UK COAL SERVICE CONTRACT. Power Plant Services has been awarded the contract to maintain generators at 14 sites on behalf of UK Coal.

22nd August 2010