Latest News YorPower Launches New Petrol Powered Generator

YorPower have reinforced their position as one of the UK’s leading manufactures of high quality, durable generators by launching the YIM8000S, a petrol powered unit. Although YorPower’s main focus is the supply of diesel powered generators, in recent years there has been an increase in demand for petrol powered standby units and the YIM8000S has been designed to meet this demand.

The YIM8000S is an 8KVA standby generator ideally suited to the telecoms and home standby market with options for prime or with a complete ATS panel available.

After examining the various engine options available YorPower has chosen the latest engine technology offered by Honda. The Honda IGX is the world’s first single cylinder, multipurpose engine with electronic engine speed control. This provides stable, constant voltage even under variable loads which makes it ideal for running sensitive equipment in both commercial and domestic applications.

The product comes with electric easy start and automatic choke making it ideal for remote and stand-by ‘auto-mains-failure’ applications.

The IGX Honda engine is eco-friendly with auto-idle as standard providing optimum fuel consumption and has been designed to meet the rigorous noise emission regulations of the UK. With an 18 litre fuel tank this product can run for 6½ hours continuously at 75% load.

For the latest in engine technology producing stable voltage for sensitive equipment talk to YorPower about the YIM8000S. Contact us at for further technical details and advice.

30th September 2011

YorPower Launches New Petrol Powered Generator
YorPower Launches New Petrol Powered Generator
YorPower Launches New Petrol Powered Generator