Diesel Generators Guide

Diesel Generators Guide: YorPower manufacture and supply diesel generators from 10-2200kVA (most sizes are available from factory stock) for industrial and domestic applications in its standard Perkins powered product range, and, up to 3375kVA for bespoke requirements at LV, MV and HV. Diesel Generators can be supplied open (without a canopy/enclosure), in mass produced close-fitting weather and soundproof canopies or can be 'upfitted' into specially designed ISO containers. In extreme circumstances when little or no noise levels are permitted, usually in residential areas, YorPower can supply 'super silent' low noise-level gensets which can reduce noise pressure levels to as low as 55dBA @1m. A major requirement for developing countries where power is needed in remote locations, is reliable, dependable and 'on tap' electricity. This can be fulfilled by the installation of a fully self contained 1 megawatt (1250kVA) Powerbox. The YorPower Powerbox is fully capable of synching in parallel with up to 15 other generators creating a substantial 'power hub'. In conjunction with local partners in Africa and The Middle East, YorPower has supplied several mini power stations, in Nigeria, Ghana and Iraq. Voltage can stepped up by suitably rated transformers or HV lternators can be fitted to provide 11kV.

YorPower Technical Support and Information

In this section of the Diesel Generator Guide, we set-out some of the key technical criteria we consider when advising our customers.

As an independent supplier YorPower can provide diesel generators with engines from the following manufacturers:

New Diesel Generator Guide Prime powered kVA ratings

  • Perkins 10kVA to 2000kVA
  • Cummins 750kVA to 3375kVA
  • MTU 700kVA to 3000kVA
  • Mitsubishi 5kVA to 40kVA
  • Kubota 8kVA to 20kVA
  • John Deere 30kVA to 275kVA
  • Volvo 200kVA to 635kVA
  • Honda 3.5kVA to 7.5kVA

We use three main alternator manufacturers: Newage Stamford (Cummins Generator Technologies), Leroy Somer and Mecc Alte.

Digital Control Panels are typically based on Deep Sea Electronic control systems.

Generator Sizing

By international convention, all generators are nominally sized by their kVA standby rating at standard environmental conditions of:

  • 27�C Site temperature
  • 154.2 metres above sea level
  • 60% Relative Humidity

An increase in any of these values will lead to a de-rating of the nominal generator rating and will typically necessitate an increase in the engine size and sometimes an increase in alternator. We always ensure that our generators are sized in accordance with site conditions. We also advise whether the rating is prime, standby or continuous.

We supply generators at 1500 RPM / 50 Hz or 1800 RPM /60Hz. Our entire range is available in three phase from 10KVA. Single phase diesel generators are available starting at 3.5kVA up to 60kVA


Diesel Generators need to be housed in a plant room where a tailor made environment can ensure optimum running conditions are met or generators can be housed their own purpose built canopy or container, again in an environment that ensures optimum performance.

For generators to be installed in plant rooms we can advise on all aspects of the room requirements, and supply all peripheral equipment, including:

  • Intake of air and hot air removal
  • Exhaust ducting and silencing
  • Weather proof and sound attenuated louvers
  • Cable sizing
  • Control cable requirement
  • Fuel piping single or double skinned
  • Fuel tanks internal, external, single skinned or bunded
  • Physical sizing of all of the above

For generators that need to be located or are specified for outdoors, we can supply weatherproof enclosures as necessary, including:

  • Close fitting canopies
  • Drop-over canopies
  • ISO rated Containers

We can manage all of this to any noise levels stipulated by our clients. Typically dBA requirements vary between a low noise pressure level of 65dBA (where noise reduction is critical) and 80dBA where low noise level reduction is required but the demand for minimal noise is not as critical. There is a significant increase in price for diesel generator requirements where noise pressure levels are specified less than 80dBA at 1m. Most of the acoustically canopied generators that we supply at YorPower are between 78dBA and 80dBA at 1m which meet European legislative and recommended guidelines.

Control Systems

YorPower offer a full range of generator control systems including:

  • Key start for basic on and off prime power requirements
  • Auto/remote start for standby and emergency applications
  • Generator synchronisation for load share with other generators
  • Mains synchronisation for precise load requirements and/or export to the National Grid Mains supply via G59 mains relay protection
  • Fuel transfer systems for managing the critical fuel supply to generators
  • Remote Monitoring for monitoring all alarms, fault signals, fuel system, generator running modes all from any number of Desk Top PC or mobile devices. The same information can be integrated in the BMS (Building Management System)

YorPower can also supply bespoke control systems for most requirements.


Diesel Generators can be supplied with numerous options. This can often be confusing when comparing offers from various suppliers. At YorPower we always specify what additional items have been included in our offer and where possible itemise each ancillary item separately and whether they are essential or optional.

Some of the more typical options include but not restricted to:

  • Battery charger for standby applications (we always recommend this)
  • Water heater to assist cold weather starting useful in cold climates and deserts where temperatures can drop considerably at night, again we always recommend this for UK customers.
  • Transfer panels manual, automatic or dual mutual control
  • Anti-condensation heater for warm weather conditions
  • Tropical Radiator for use in heated conditions, more commonly specified on larger generators (1000kVA and above) for the UK and Export.
  • Lube Oil Top up where the generator will run for more than 12 hours at any onetime to prevent engine failure/seizure.
  • Spark Arrestors where generators are required on oil and gas installations or on refineries, any form of spark carries enormous risk. Spark arrestors are fitted to exhaust/silencer stacks.
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