Used Generators

Used generators, supplied and engineered by YorPower

Used generators for sale, supplied and engineered by us, including open set and canopied type second hand generators are re-engineerd to a high standard. Every used generator undergoes a 4 point test prior to sale. See all of our used generators in stock. Buying a used generator can initially feel like you are walking into a mine field. Will the used generator last? Are the hours run stated on the control panel genuine? How can I be certain I am getting a good deal? All things we can help in as transparent a way as it is possible to do. Once you feel you can trust the information, buying a used generator can be a very efficient way of reducing capital outlay and expenditure if your application is for standby power.

More often than not, large generators installed for backup power in the UK are rarely ever called into action and so typically have very low hours and in good condition. At YorPower we only acquire used generator sets where a full service history is available and low running hours can be verified. Used and reconditioned generators by YorPower carry a full Load Test Certificate and 1 month Warranty (terms and conditions apply). High standards of workmanship and engineering are essential in this market sector - we regularly supply our generators to Farmers ( always a good litmus test!)

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