Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator systems designed and engineered by specialist UK manufacturer YorPower. Diesel generators available from stock at superb prices. Any diesel generator required urgently for standby power, can be purchased directly from our extensive factory stock. A great source of information can be found at the Wikipedia link below and the YorPower guide to Diesel Generators relating diesel generators in the UK, to typical applications, including sizing, practical considerations, and, importantly, financial running costs calculated at £ per kW hour, see the YorPower Diesel Generator Fuel Comparison Chart. Diesel generators, because of their flexibility and ease of set up for standby power can be used for temporary or permanent power applications at very low cost when compared to the capital outlay of up grading a supply from the grid. Frequently a diesel generator will receive its fuel supply from a separate bulk tank which allows extended running time. More commonly, they are manufactured with an integral base fuel tank which will provide sufficient fuel to keep the generator running flat out for 8-12 hours. A standard diesel powered generator will be supplied with a sound and weatherproof canopy and can be easily located outside without the need for a specially designed plant room. Legislation in the UK determines that any diesel fuel stored, whether separately in a remote bulk tank or as an integral part of the diesel generator, must have a bund that can hold the full contents in the event of a leakage.

Diesel Generators for standby power from YorPower - Standby power systems you can depend on from YorPower operate 24 hours a day all year round. All standby generators are manufactured at our modern production plant near Leeds and undergo rigorous tests before they move from production to stock. YorPower diesel generators are supplied to the UK market for base load, standby, prime and emergency power applications. Our Dealers overseas enjoy unprecedented support from the YorPower HQ and hold significant stocks of Perkins parts and New Diesel generators

Standby diesel generators for backup power are available for sale If you would like to buy a new diesel generator, for more information read Diesel generator Wikipedia, call us on 01977 688155 or e-mail