Leroy Somer

YorPower LEROY-SOMER Alternators

Nearly 100 years ago Marcellin Leroy started a business producing electric motors and energy production.

Through years of experience and ongoing development of its products and services, LEROY-SOMER has planted a significant footprint in the world market. From the single motor used to drive a factory in the 1920's to present day motors designed for specific machine functions, the company's main strength lies in its ability to anticipate new trends, requirements and opportunities in growth sectors, by matching products to suit a changing and demanding market place.

LEROY-SOMER is also world leader in the field of energy production, with an extensive range of low and medium-voltage alternators.

Since its inception in 1989, YorPower has delivered to customers more generators with a LEROY-SOMER alternator than any other leading brand.

YorPower can offer a full range of LEROY-SOMER alternators covering a range from 10 to 2200kVA

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