Generators -For Sale, supplied by YorPower are assembled and distributed to customers here in the UK as well as to established dealerships all over the world from an extensive working inventry. You can buy any generator, small or large, new or a used generator from YorPower and as long as it has been sized correctly, it will provide the perfect back up should your mains supply fail. Alternatively, you could use a YorPower generator on an indefinite prime power basis when a source of electricity from the 'Grid' is not possible. Since 2009 the company has invested substantially in new equipment providing a significant increase in generator building capacity, enabling it to meet the needs of an expanding and demanding market. For bulk orders, generators are loaded by YorPower free of charge, into 20’ or 40’ standard ISO shipping containers for export..

Generators .... a comprehensive range. Classically configured and crafted using our finest proven technologies, the Perkins YXP generators range offer the widest appeal by providing a truly affordable generator with a performance that punches well above its weight. Techniques and improvements in noise reduction refined and historically used only in our bespoke flagship generator designs are now deployed comprehensively throughout each of the twenty five YXP designs. YorPower generators combine in matching ruggidness, reliability and multi-channel coms control systems to provide a dynamic performance of accuracy, exceptional build quality and design excellence.

Small generators, both petrol and diesel powered are used across the world in a wide variety of applications for domestic and commercial purposes. Generators need to be robust, reliable and easy to maintain and deliver the exact power you need when called for. The range of small generators carried by YorPower is extensive and extends from the smallest 10kVA 2 cylinder genset to a robust 2000kVA Perkins powered diesel generator. Feel free to browse and call if you need help