Fuel Cells

At YorPower we are ever mindful of the very real environmental issues faced by the world today. We are therefore maintaining our status at the forefront of current innovations and technologies to ensure our products have minimal environmental impact.

Fuel cells are still in their early years of economic development, but there are now several products available which can deliver 1-5kW of completely clean energy. Our fuel cell range of automatic and remote battery chargers delivers power for applications in remote areas and on-board boats and ships. The only by-product is water! You can download datasheets and more information please contact us.

The YorPower Automatic Battery Charger (ABC) provides robust portale power whenever and wherever you need it. Simply plug in like the mains in the wall or use the automobile ‘cigar lighter’ DC output to recharge your batteries. Features include a USB charging socket, low temperature capability and enhanced software.