FG Wilson generators

YorPower Diesel Generators manufactured by FG Wilson

FG Wilson, with more than 40 years experience in the power generation sector, is a company that operates globally and manufactures both diesel and gas powered generator sets. Since 1989 YorPower has supplied thousands of FG Wilson diesel generator sets to satisfied customers in the UK and overseas. We are not FG Wilson dealers, but are often asked to supply their products, and we are always delighted to do so.

The standard FG Wilson generator range covers 6.8kVA to 2,200 kVA including open and canopied gensets, suitable for prime, standby and emergency power applications.

A well established worldwide network ensures supply and availability of FG Wilson parts and spares so that when you need something quickly, to maintain continued and uninterrupted power the technical support and back up is place. At YorPower we can facilitate the fast and efficient despatch of any FG Wilson part you need.

If you would like more information about FG Wilson Generators or availability of FG Wilson Spares please feel free to contact us, we would be delighted to help.

Commonly requested and stocked FG Wilson spares

00000-00038 Pre-Fuel Filter
10000-00049 Pre-Fuel Filter
10000-00339 Fuel Filter
10000-05597 Breather Oil Filter
10000-05598 Oil Filter
10000-06412 Pre-Fuel Filter
10000-12122 Air Filter
10000-12854 Fuel Filter
10000-17464 Pre-Fuel Filter
901-001 Air Filter
901-004 Air Filter
901-005 Air Filter
901-006 Air Filter
901-008 Air Filter
901-034 Air Filter
901-046 Air Filter
901-047 Air Filter
901-048 Air Filter
901-050 Air Filter
901-054 Air Filter
901-056 Air Filter
901-101 Oil Filter
901-102 Oil Filter
901-103 Oil Filter
901-104 Oil Filter
901-115 Oil Filter
901-136 Oil Filter
901-201 Fuel Filter
901-202 Fuel Filter
901-214 Fuel Filter
901-227 Fuel Filter
901-228 Fuel Filter
901-243 Fuel Filter
901-248 Fuel Filter
901-249 Fuel Filter
901-404 Water Filter
901-518 Air Filter
915-155 Oil Filter
915-663 Fuel Filter
915-671 Air Filter
915-851 Air Filter
923-189 Filter Assy
923-204 Fuel Filter
923-483 Oil Filter
923-647 Oil Filter
924-014 Air Filter
934-181 Fuel Filter
934-694 Air Filter
941-122 Air Filter
941-196 Oil Filter
941-254 Oil Filter
941-402 Fuel Filter
941-506 Fuel Filter
941-512 Oil Filter
942-073 Air Filter
974-198 Fuel Filter Assy
982-673 Fuel Filter Assy
982-764 Fuel Filter Assy
982-766 Fuel Filter Assy
994-910 Air Filter
995-690 Air Filter
996-452 Oil Filter
996-453 Fuel Filter
996-454 Fuel Filter
998-192 Air Filter
FG Wilson 26-200kVA